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LoK: Ships

Don’t anyone will really care, but Episode nine as let me make me final idea on ships. (please don’t kill me fan girls)

1. Korra and Mako- Just look at them at the end of the epsiode. The feeling in that one scene has a lot more than any momments with Mako and Asami.

2. Asami and Bolin- At fist, this pairing just looked silly. But after watching this episode, I thikn it has a good chance. Asami went to Bo;in with her fears of Mako lking Korra, and Bolin was really sweet. He didn’t want to see her hurt like a true gentalmen. I belive that when Asami finds out that Korra and Mako are ment together, she will talk to Bolin. Knowing Bolin, he will helpo her and I belive it might lead to Asami liking him

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